5 reasons to date Japanese men
Written by Méline

5 reasons to date Japanese men

Cultural aspects of Japanese society might influence the behavior of Japanese men, but sometimes these become very good reasons to date one! .

Whilst stereotyping and pre-judging someone based on their race or ethnicity is taboo, there are certain cultural and personality traits that are often found within a certain group of people. You shouldn’t expect these traits to appear, also try not to be surprised when they do.

Since most pre-existing articles on the internet focuses on many of the common problems associated with dating Japanese men, this article will focus on the positives regarding common traits of Japanese men, that make them viable and appealing as romantic partners.

1 - Well-groomed

Although not every Japanese man is born good-looking, most of them pay a lot of attention to their personal hygiene and put in the effort to buy new clothes. For example, whilst it would be extremely rare for men overseas to groom their eyebrows, it is not at all uncommon for men here in Japan. Even if we don’t look at such an extreme example, Japanese people tend to be more sensitive towards cleanliness and appearing presentable. 

At the very least, you would be hard-pressed to find a Japanese man that would venture outside in just a tank top, shorts and sandals other than at a beach.

2 - Shy (In a good way)

Quite often, Japanese men are not as outgoing or as emotionally open as people from other countries.Whether or not this is a good thing will depend on the individual, as communication is an important part of every relationship. If you take the time to persuade them to let you in, a lot of the time you will find a very pure and lovable person underneath. 

Also, it would be very common for them culturally, to not display affection publicly. So don’t take it personally if they don’t actively hold hands or move in to give you a smooch on the lips. Once you get home, they will revert to their normal selves, and probably give you the attention that you need.

3 - Financially stability

The Japanese economy is relatively static compared to many other developed countries.

This leads to stable jobs, and therefore stable income.  For those who are a bit more ambitious however, the Japanese work environment has also recently begun shifting to value results rather than time at the company. Even if the company goes bankrupt, Japan has an aging population and not enough workers, so there are always an abundance of job opportunities.

To sum it up, if your partner works in a Japanese company, they should have no trouble paying the bills every month, and still have a chance at a better career if they work hard enough. At the very least, you would be quite hard-pressed to find someone still living in their parent’s basement in Japan. (Also partly because houses in Japan rarely have basements)

4 - Having your own space

Relative to other nationalities, Japanese men tend not to feel the need to be with/ talk to their girlfriend every moment they have. Whilst needier women may feel this to be a turn-off, I suspect many modern women would like to have their own time and space and to lead their own lives as well. A typical dating life in Japan would be meeting maybe once every 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the couple. Whilst instant messaging is also an option, most people need to focus during work, and would only ever reply you during their non-working hours.

Of course, things would be different if you start living together, but for young people with careers and other friends that they would like to focus on, dating a Japanese man may allow for a better balance in your life.

5 - Willingness to spend money

In recent years, Japanese companies such as Honda have struggled in the domestic market, because fewer and fewer Japanese people are choosing to buy cars. With improved public transport infrastructure and availability of rental cars, there is really no reason to make luxurious one-off purchases anymore.

On the other hand, the young Japanese population are more willing to spend money on experiences, such as travelling and good food. Saving money has become less important to them, than it is to enjoy whatever time they have to spare at the moment. 

Leaving aside whether or not that is the economically sound thing to do, I expect that having a boyfriend who isn’t a cheapskate will be a refreshing change to many women out there.


We’ve covered quite a few items here, but as stated in the beginning, these are merely common traits, and you shouldn’t expect them to be present in whatever Japanese men you meet. Furthermore, these may appear positive to some, whereas they may be a turn-off for others.

Take your time and get to know your potential Japanese boyfriend, and determine for yourself, what about him you like and dislike.


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