5 seduction techniques used by Japanese women
Written by Jeff

Japanese women's seduction techniques

They can be very subtle, so make sure you pick up on these actions!


Seduction is an art unto itself, and as a peacock may spread his beautiful feathers to impress a female, women also have some ways to make themselves more desirable in the eyes of men. Be aware of those if you want to know if a Japanese woman might be interested in you!

For our female readers, it would also be good to know what your competition may use, and also to learn to make them your own!

1 - Drinking with both hands

This is so widely used it’s almost become public manners to do this.
Although some glasses in Japan can be slightly heavy, no matter what the drink is, many Japanese women tend to hold their drinks with both hands to appear more cute or ‘kawaii’. They also drink in a very unnoticeable pace, as not to seem too aggressive, and appearing weak with drinks is another trait that’s considered ‘kawaii’.

It is widely believed that women do this to appear weaker and more feminine, which is often what’s considered kawaii. Sexism aside, because of how widespread it is, whenever a female drinks with one hand, it on the other hand, becomes quite noticeable.

This is not necessarily a bad thing however, as some men like women who aren’t as ‘fake’ and may feel more relaxed around you. However, to others, women who can can drink comfortably may be too much, and may turn them off.

2 - Uwamezukai (上目遣い) : gazing from below

The Uwamezukai is a very effective tool used by Japanese women, and even experienced men can fall victim to its charm. The Uwamezukai is basically looking at your target not at eye level, but rather from slightly below, to make a more ‘sincere’ and ‘cute’ look. For foreigners, you normally already have a natural height difference when talking with

Japanese women, but you may notice sometimes they intentionally lower themselves even more to create a sharper angle between your eyes and theirs.

In order to do this, you’ll often find that they will gradually move closer to you in order to put their position in the body required, and this change in proximity is quite effective in getting men’s hearts racing. Also, an additional effect of this action tend to be providing the man with a glimpse into her cleavage, which is normally quite….effective.

3 - Pink Blush Makeup

I’ve been sober enough once or twice during drinking parties to notice some women go to a bathroom break, and come back with a slight rosy blush AFTER coming back.

Most men in wouldn’t consciously notice this because A) they’re tipsy from drinking, and B) Japanese women are on average, quite proficient with makeup.

I’ve heard afterwards from the Japanese women, that during the bathroom break, some of them intentionally put on the blush to make them appear more drunk, and to pretend to be easy targets for their male counterparts.

I have also heard rumors that looking tipsy, makes anything they do afterwards more socially acceptable, as it they can blame it all on the alcohol.

Clever girl….

4 - Drink Sharing

In order to understand the ‘drink sharing’ move, first you need to understand that in Japan, there is a weird infatuation with ‘indirect kisses’. It’s been long ingrained in Japanese popular culture such as manga and dramas, that indirect kisses (e.g. drinking from the same glass), are a ‘good thing’ for men, and have more value than in other parts of the world.

Using this, some Japanese women will intentionally allow Japanese men to have an opportunity to have this indirect kiss. The most common way of doing this, is by seeing the other person having a different drink and requesting to be allowed to taste it. (Since most girls drink downwards rather than raising the glass higher, this action is often accompanied by the Uwamezukai from earlier, by simply drinking, but looking at the guy at the same time).

It’s a more cultural technique that won’t really affect those outside the Asian region, but an effective one nonetheless.

5 - SNS (Dual Line accounts)

A lot of the time, the first meeting will not be a one-on-one but rather drinking as a group.
Of course it wouldn’t look good for a girl to refuse to add someone on social media, but culturally it is hard for them to refuse a request, and to refuse it would also hurt their chances of exchanging contact information with men they actually are interested in within the group.

Here, the rare, but still sometimes used tactic is the Double Line/ Facebook account.
Usually prefaced with “I don’t use it much, but…” there have been one or two cases in which I’ve known women who have a secondary social media account just for times like these.
They first share a secondary account which they rarely update, and then directly contact the ones they’re interested in, to add them on their real account.

Although it is mostly a defensive technique for women, by letting a man know that they’re disclosing their real account to them, and them alone, it can let their target know how they are being placed in a higher regard than the rest and that perhaps he may have a chance at something more.

This is not so much a dating skill, as it is a way of defending against people that are trying way too hard to hit on them. Still, if you send a message and they don’t read it for weeks… you’ve probably been punked.


These “tricks” are fully part of the seduction game in Japan, and if you’re willing to play, knowing them might help you understand the moves of some women, and act accordingly!

Japanese women are resourceful, and if you caught one’s attention, she might try one or two tricks on you!