6 ways to increase your profile likes!
Written by Méline

Tips from our team to help you create the perfect dating-app profile! .

Hi! I’m Céline from the enicee team!

Thank you for using enicee!

I wonder, have you all been using the app properly?
It can be hard to match with the type of person you want to meet at first, so here are a few tips!

1.Choose your main profile picture wisely

You should always put a picture of yourself as your main picture!

We see a lot of people using photos of objects and landscapes, or even photos of you taken from far away,
but you definitely need a photo of yourself where we can see your face!
(You can’t get people to like you if you can’t get them to view your profile first!)

Some people might say to add lots of effects, 
but we’ve found that a photo with a genuine smile from you always works best!

Here’s some data from our current users:

・You can get up to 20 times more likes just by changing your picture from an object to your own face!

・A smiling photo gets 3 times as many likes compared to neutral/normal looking photos!

・Slight editing can get you double as many likes, but be careful not to overdo it!!!

2. With photos, less is not more

People are always wary about meeting people from the Internet.
They have to make a choice with very limited data, so give them more photos to tell them who you are!
Honestly, there are quite a few people on this app, so you have to do at least this much.

Here is an example of an ideal set of photos!

1st - A picture of your face
2nd - A picture of your face

3rd - A Full-body shot
4th - A photo that shows your interests or hobbies!
5th - A photo that shows your interests or hobbies!

Basically the first few are to increase interest in you, and the final few are extra details about you!

3. Don't be lazy with your profile

Quite simply, write a lot.

Other apps are centered around appearances, but on enicee, not everyone is looking for a hookup.

They want to know what kind of person you are, so tell them!

Even though it is really simple, a lot of people have actually neglected to put a phrase similar to “send me a message if you’re interested”.

Surprisingly, just adding that one phrase can potentially increase your number of likes by up to 37%.

Do try and include this, and make yourself approachable!

4.Match first, then decide

Go around liking anyone that interests you even slightly.

A lot of people place too many filters and conditions on what kind of user they are looking for, and end up having a very limited population to choose from.

If something about someone interests you even slightly, give them a like!

This app is all about learning and trying new things, so maybe you can discover something interesting you never expected before too!

5. Join communities!

Don’t forget to join a lot of communities!

As you know, the number of communities you share with another user show up on their profile!

A higher number of shared communities means you’re more likely to have something in common with someone, and the better you will be able to communicate!

6. Set a target and commit

Whether you are here for romance, friendship, or even just language exchange, make sure you clearly select and show why you are on enicee!

For yourself however, you should also use the app with purpose.

If you want a language exchange, then set yourself some targets!
“Be able to have a conversation in 1 month” or
“Find a foreigner you like in 3 months”!

The difference between someone who’s decided on something and someone who hasn’t is as clear as night and day.


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