GAIJIN 5 (GO) - Anime recommendations
Written by Jeff

5 Anime that you should definitely watch!

Some anime you should watched, if not already done! What's your favorite anime? .
On this new series 'Gaijin 5 (Go)', I'll be introducing 5 different things for a specific theme every time, from the point of view of a Gaijin living in Tokyo.

This time we are doing things a little differently, and we are introducing something everyone overseas can enjoy as well!

Watching Japanese anime is a great way to learn Japanese, and it’s actually helped me on dates quite a few times, 
since it is a great topic if you’ve both watched the same series.

Here are 5 anime recommendations that you should check out if you haven’t already.
(I’m taking out Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, because they are just too obvious).

Of course, there are way too many good anime out there, so please don’t be offended if your favorite didn’t make it onto this tiny list.

1. Eyeshield 21 (Riichiro Inagaki, Yusuke Murata, Gallop Studio, TV Tokyo - 2005)

You might say this series was responsible for the recent increase popularity of American Football in Japan.
This series is the story of Sena Kobayakawa, a High-schooler who’s been bullied his entire life.
Whilst Sena has ran away from his problems all his life, he is pulled into the world of American football,
where he can run to overcome his challenges, and towards a goal. Hilariously funny with an abundance of well-grounded, unique characters,
Eyeshield-21 can break through genres, and even appeal to those who don’t like sports. (Personally, I enjoyed the manga more than the anime).

2. Code Geass (Ichirō Ōkouchi, Sunrise Studio, JNN - 2006)

What if the British Empire was never defeated? 
Code Geass delves into an alternate future, where Britain is still in control of various colonies around the world, including Japan.
In this seemingly desolate future, our main character Lelouch comes across a strange power known as ‘Geass’, 
which gives him a chance to turn the overthrow the British Dictatorship, and free Japan in the process.
Highly strategic, with magic and good action to boot, I consider Code Geass to be almost the pinnacle of Japanese anime.
(The movies aren’t worth watching though.)

3. Psycho-Pass (Gen Urobuchi, Production I.G Studio, Fuji TV - 2012)

One of the darker entries in this article, Psycho-Pass challenges us into debating the concepts of sin and crime.
In a technologically advanced future, Japan has found a way to calculate someone’s likelihood of committing a crime, based on a psychological analysis scan.
Similar to in The Minority Report, the police are tasked with arresting people before they actually commit a crime.
Is it fair to arrest someone before they’ve done a crime? Does our actions of trying to arrest them, affect their likelihood of committing a crime?
Is it still a crime if someone truly doesn’t believe that what they are doing is wrong?
Psycho-Pass tackles these questions head-on without holding back, sometimes showing gruesome imagery and gore.
However, If you are the type that enjoys thinking about moral dilemmas and philosophy, this is the anime for you.

4. Hunter X Hunter (2011) (Yoshihiro Togashi, Madhouse Studio, NTV - 2011)

A re-make of the earlier 1999 series, the 2011 Hunter X Hunter is a beautifully animated version of Togashi-Sensei’s manga of the same name.
We follow a young kid named Gon, who sets out to look for his Father, whom he’s been separated with since his birth.
In this world, the most sought-after profession is that of a ‘Hunter’ someone who ‘hunts’ various things at their clients request.
Knowing that his father was a famous Hunter, Gon also sets of on the path to become one, in hopes of finding a clue on his whereabouts.
The manga is infamous for its year-long hiatuses, but you can binge-watch this completed anime series in one go without any problems at all!
Check it out!

5.My Hero Academia (Kōhei Horikoshi, Bones Studio, JNN/NNS - 2016)

The most recent anime on this list, My Hero Academia comes out at an extremely suitable time. 
With Marvel and DC pumping out superhero movies like there’s no tomorrow, My Hero Academia provides us with a fresh viewpoint on the genre.
In a world where almost everyone has superpowers known as ‘quirks’, superheroes have become an everyday occupation with actual pay and regulations. Deku is a middle-schooler born into the minority of people who are born without powers, but has a dream of becoming a hero.
Even so, he doesn’t allow his quirklessness to stop him, and we follow his journey towards becoming the strongest hero.
Unlike many other shonen anime/ manga, My Hero Academia focuses not just on the battle scenes,
but on the repercussions of our power, and the consequences that our actions have on the rest of society.
This provides us with interesting debates throughout the manga regarding right and wrong,
as well as allowing us to fall in love with a wide range of well-developed and grounded characters.

Have you seen any of the above?

What anime would you recommend others to watch?

Images used:
One punch Man - One, Yusuke Murata, Madhouse Studio
Eyeshield 21 - Riichiro Inagaki, Yusuke Murata, Gallop Studio
Code Geass - Ichirō Ōkouchi, Sunrise Studio
Psycho-Pass - Gen Urobuchi, Production I.G Studio
Hunter x Hunter (2011) - Yoshihiro Togashi, Madhouse Studio
My Hero Academia - Kōhei Horikoshi, Bones Studio


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