GAIJIN 5 (GO) - Female categories: animal edition
Written by Jeff

Japanese categories of women: animal edition

Japanese people sometime use animals to describe women's temper! Which animal are you, according to your behaviour? .
On this new series 'Gaijin 5 (Go)', I'll be introducing 5 different things for a specific theme every time, from the point of view of a Gaijin living in Tokyo.
This week I’ll be introducing 5 categories that the Japanese sometimes use to categorize women.
(animal edition). As many of you may know, Japanese trends tend to include new nickname categories for certain types of behaviors. Below are 5 examples of female animal categories.

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Inu (Dog) type

-Very Positive
-Easily pleased with compliments

A very popular type, both with Japanese men and women! Their honesty makes for a very comfortable and stable relationship.

However, some Japanese men don’t like being approached too strongly, which is often a trait of the inu-type woman.

Neko (Cat) type

-can act distant, even if they don’t mean it (Tsundere)
-uncomfortable with communication and group activities
-Very prideful
-everything is dependent on her mood

Although there are many sub-categories, such as the wildcat and the kitten. type, most of them share the fact that they like being protected and being taken care of by men.

Usagi (rabbit) type

-dislikes being alone
-easily cautious/ alert
-easily infatuated with her boyfriend
-likes to be spoiled

Stereotyped as being very girly, the usagi type is often visualized as being slightly obsessed with her boyfriend, and can easily be startled or worried due to small things.

Hitsuji (sheep) type

Hitsuji (sheep) type
-usually sleepy for some reason
-good with people, avoids arguments
-scaredy cat
-very submissive
-zones out sometimes

The Hitsuji-type can be regarded as the most tame of all the animals, and is usually portrayed as just a bit of an airhead, which everybody loves.

Pengin (Penguin) type

-Modest and hardworking
-Good listeners
-Holds grudges

Perhaps the most logical of all the types, the Pengin-type is portrayed almost like the most mature of all the animals. With the maturity however, is a lack of strong portrayal of emotion or affection, which some men may want from time to time.

Do you agree with these categories?
Which type of girl are you? 

Which type of girl would you prefer to date?


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