Japanese blood-type stereotypes!
Written by Méline

Discover the Japanese blood-type belief!

Did you know Japanese people have stereotype for each blood-type? Discover what your blood is telling about you! .

Such as your astrological sign, in Japan, your blood-type is supposed to define your personality, and some blood-types are more compatible in a love perspective than others.
Find out what is your personality and which blood-type you’re matching with!


This is the most common blood-type among Japanese population. A-type people are seen as well-organized, neat and always reliable. They really appreciate harmonious surroundings, and because they are sensitive, they can get stressed out easily. Ask an A person to plan your next trip, and he/she will be the best at it!

For love compatibility, blood-type A goes very well with blood-type AB or O.


B-type people have strong personalities, both very creative and curious, and more likely to think out-of-the-box. Nonetheless, those unpredictable people can have quite a bad temper, being selfish, irresponsible and too focused on negative things. If you’re looking for an artist and surprises, B-type people are made for you!

For love compatibility, blood-type B goes best with blood-type AB, and blood-type O for friendship.


This blood-type is pursued as very optimistic and easygoing on one hand, but can also be a bit bossy and careless. O-type people tend to have leadership abilities and can easily set the mood during a party! But be aware, as they are very honest and straightforward, they might not think enough before talking! Want to know if this new shirt suits you well? Definitely ask an O-type!

For love compatibility, blood-type O goes well with type A.


Blood-type AB is the rarest type of all. The combinaison of A and B creates a mixed personality, which might result in a complicated person. They can be easily stressed out, and shy like the A type, and at the same time outgoing and curious like B type! You can never know what to expect with this blood-type, so AB people are often seen as quite eccentric. Hanging out with an AB-type is like discovering a new person every time!

For the love compatibility, blood-type AB goes well with A and B.


What do you think about those blood-type stereotypes?
Does your personality match your blood-type?

From now on, don’t forget to ask your crush which blood-type he/she is!


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