enicee DATE! - Korean male x French Female
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French woman and Korean man met on enicee, and are now telling us the story of their first date in Tokyo! .

"I first started using enicee because even after coming to Japan, I hadn't had many chances to meet any women.

Since I had come over from Korea for work, I would go drink and hang out with people from the workplace, but none of them were women, and i had no chance of meeting anyone new.

As time went on, I felt quite helpless, so i ended up trying enicee because I saw that it was specifically for helping foreigners meet Japanese people. In the beginning, I was aiming to meet a Japanese woman, but I ended up falling for her at first sight and I sent her a message on the app."

"We really started to kick it off after talking about anime as both she and I both really like anime. For the first time in my life, I was glad to be an otaku. (lol)"

"After messaging her for 2 months, she came to Japan. I was finally able to meet her for the first time and to be honest, I was quite nervous."

"Our first date was at a place we've talked about for a long time... Akihabara! She really loved it there!

It doesn't matter where you're from, as long as you have something in common."

"In the end however, because we come from different cultures, I was wondering whether or not i had to make a proper 'confession'. We had been talking on enicee for two months, but I wasn't sure if she was seeing me as a romantic interest or not.

Since I was Korean and she was french, it made sense for me to have a confession, but I've often heard that it's not the same case in western countries."

I was hoping that she would say something that would give me a hint, but since that didn't happen, I made the move and confessed to her that same day.

"In the end, She replied "I thought we were already dating!", and so now ....it's official."

"She looked really cute playing with the cats at the cat café, and I ended up looking at her for most of the time instead."

"I hope to be able to keep seeing this charming smile of hers for a long time."


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