My global lovers story
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One international love story we want to share with you!

Discover a Japanese woman's love story with a Canadian! .

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1,Which country is your partner from?


2,How did you guys meet?

I got a Superlike on Tinder during my travel

3,How long have you been seeing?

It’s been 2 years and half

4,Did you get married with this partner?


5,Was he your type?


6,Did you have chemistry?

Totally yes

7,What did you like about partner?

Very honest and sincere

8,Were you sexually compatible with your partner?

Yes :)

9,Did you argued ? How frequency?

Not a lot, happens before my PMS or not

10,What's your best memory?

When he came to Japan to see me

11,Please tell me how you two got into a relationship soon after the first meeting.

When I noticed that I’ve got a Superlike from him, I was already on the way back home from trip, and we soon became long-relationship (like Tokyo~Hiroshima). We talked for a month with SNS everyday, sometimes Skype, and I decided to visit him for 5days. Even tho I was going back to Japan soon, we found our relationship was awesome matching and started dating as a long-relationship.

12,What kind of dates did you have?

Since our first meeting was at his home, we enjoyed having some time at inside mostly. Like we did cooking together, watched some movies/cartoons on Netflix with some alcohol, went around the park a few times when weather was good.

13,What do you think about dating with foreigners?

I’ve never dated with Japanese guys, but I think there’s not a big difference between dating with Japanese and dating with “foreigners”. Finding the person who feels funny/sad/happy moments like you do in this big world is alwasy great thing, Border doesn’t really matter. However, there’s some things you will learn more than dating with Japanese, like expressions, the way how he/she uses words. Those will def let your eyes open, and think how you should behave as Japanese as well.

14,Please talk about good memories.

When he visited me in Japan. At first, my parents weren’t really welcoming about letting him stay at their house for a while, but by talking with some alcohol, they found out my bf was good person and ended up staying him for 3 weeks fully. xD We also went some trips and tried so much of Japanese food tho, the most fun times were nothing really special in Japan, like talking to people at the bar, drinking sake from convenience store on the road, having fun at game center.

15,Please let me know if you have any troubles or disappointment in dating foreigners.

It’s very important to know there’re some times that you have to compromise, especially about which country you live, and which languages you use for communication. My dream was “living abroad” but now I live in the place where everybody speaks French, which makes me REALLY tired sometimes. I also heard my Japanese friends who are with foreigners here saying that they want to talk in Japanese sometimes, just for telling their complicated feelings. Also it’s true that there’s a few people believes “White supremacy”, and those make me think a lot about myself sometimes.

16,If you date with the other person, what would you want for the next parthner?/ I’d love to date with the person like this:

I'm really happy with my hubby now tho, when my next life comes, I’d love to date with ppl from South America and live like dancing, surrounded with a lot of fruits. Haha

17,Please give some advices for people who are thinking to date with foreigners.

Your relationship/bonds will be strong, more and more by overcoming the walls with your love. Don’t be scared with languages to tell him/her how much you love, don’t worry about what the world would think of you two. Feel happiness as much as you can that you’re able to stay and share moments with your love.


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