My global lovers story Vol.2
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One international love story we want to share with you!

Discover a Japanese woman's love story with an American! .  

AGE:Late 20's
HOBBY:Reading, Music

1,Which country is your partner from?

United States Of America

2,How did you guys meet?

On a dating app

3,How long have you been seeing?

We have been together for 3 years,Married for a half year

4,Did you get married with this partner?

Yes I did.

5,Was he your type?

I though he was too cute for me.

6,Did you have chemistry?

Yes.We hit it off very well without having any awkward moment.

7,What did you like about partner?

I like that we have similar values and way of thinking

8,Were you sexually compatible with your partner?

Yes definitely.

9,Did you argued ? How frequency?

We almost never argue.

10,What's your best memories?

Where we went to an event called Burningman together.

11,Please tell me how you two got into a relationship soon after the first meeting.

We met on tinder while he was on vacation in japan so I thought it was just a one night stand.

But We kept exchanging messages even after he had gone back to the US.

And about a year later I visited him in San Fransicso to attend Burnningman together.

Throughout the event we both started developing the feeling that we could be good partners.

And at the end of the event we were a lovely couple!

At that time I kind of knew that i was going to marry this guy.

12,What kind of dates did you have?

Camping,hiking,tried bungy jumping.

We have done a lot of outdoor activities.

We also like to go see a classical music concert and clubbing together.

But these say we spend most of our free time in door watching movies together as we both getting older.

13,What do you think about dating with foreigners?

For me it is nothing special.

I have never dated a Japanese guy so I always dated foreigners.

I believe that when it comes to dating someone it does not matter where they are from.

At the end of the day we are all human beings.

You should treat your partner as a human not as a ”FOREIGNER”.

14,Please talk about good memories.

We have a lot of good memories but the best one is where we went to Burningman together.

We spent a week camping on a desert together.

At the end of the event there was a huge bonfire.

We screamed “I love you!”at each other there and that was the beginning of our relationship.

It was very romantic.

15,Please let me know if you have any troubles or disappointment in dating foreigners.

We do not have any troubles but International relationships are very expensive.

We had been dating long distance for a while and spent a lot of money to buy flight tickets to see each other.

And now we are applying for my visa to move to the US which costs a fortune.

There is nothing disappointing in our relationship because I try not to get my hopes up.haha

16,If you date with the other person, what would you want for the next parthner?/ I’d love to date with the person like this.

We are already married so hopefully I won’t need to find a new partner.
If we broke up I would like to spend some time just for myself.

17,Please give some advices for people who are thinking to date with foreigners.

Try to think that international relationships are not any different from normal relationships.

Most important things are that both try to understand each other better and good communication indeed.

Alway speak out your mind and do not expect your partner to understand you without voicing your thoughts.