Nationalities that the Japanese want to date?!
Written by Méline

Is your nationality part of the ones that Japanese people want to date?

... According to a study conducted by ‘DeNA Travel’ conducted in 2015, there is a positive correlation between the number of overseas vacations you take, and experiencing an international romance. The study also looks into the preferred nationalities of dates, and the nationalities of dates which have actually happened before. This article aims to retell that study for foreigners and give them a bit more insight into how some Japanese people view International romances. The survey: DeNA Travel sent out questionnaires to over 1700 of their email magazine subscribers.
 Results below are from both Japanese men and Japanese Women. Also don't forget to check out our articles on why you should date Japanese Men and how Japanese Women seduce men!

1 - Increased travel = Increased foreigner dating?

It should come to no-one’s surprise that when comparing overseas travel frequency and past experience of dating foreigners have a positive correlation with one another. What is surprising however, is the statistics. Even out of those that have only traveled overseas between 1~4 times in their lifetime, 44% of the replies have stated that they had experience with dating foreigners in the past. For those who have travelled out of the country for over 15 times, this number increases to over 70%. Logically speaking, we cannot be sure of a causal effect, whether Japanese men and Japanese women are traveling more because they have a foreign boyfriend/ girlfriend, or if they simply have a higher chance of meeting a foreign boyfriend/ girlfriend if they travel more. Nevertheless, this statistic should still come as good news for those foreigners who have wanted to date a Japanese man or Japanese woman.

2 - Who would you like to date?

Dreams are important things to have, and so the next question that DeNA Travel asked was “What nationality would you like to try and date?” Here are the top 5 results!

No.1 : American 🇺🇸

No.2 : South-Korean 🇰🇷

No.3 : British

No.4 : Australian 🇦🇺

No.5 : Thai 🇹🇭

The majority of the opinions was that Americans were very liberal and open, and would be able to bring some kind of stimulation to the lives of the Japanese people. Other opinions were that Koreans would be very thoughtful, and that the British were very good looking.
 One thing in common with the top 3 nationalities, was that they were all perceived as having better personalities, which may be a reference point as to a downside of their Japanese counterparts.

3 - Who have you dated before?

Reality sometimes differs from ideals, and below are the top 5 results for the nationalities that Japanese men and women have actually dated before.

No.1 : American 🇺🇸

No.2 : South-Korean 🇰🇷

No.3 : Filipino 🇵🇭

No.4 : Chinese 🇨🇳

No.5 : Thai 🇹🇭

Whilst each country had their own defining trait patterns, another thing in common with these countries was that many Japanese men and women found foreigners to be much more true to their emotions, and much kinder than their Japanese counterparts. Ideas such as ‘Ladies first’, and ‘having different points of view’ were very new and refreshing ideas for a lot of people. One conceivable reason for the change in ranking compared to the is simply the nationalities that people want to try dating , could be through a difference in availability. Americans aside, the rest of these countries are all in Asia, which makes it easier for them to have larger populations in Japan, and therefore easier to meet. Alternatively, it could also be because these countries are so readily available that people have already tried dating them, and would like someone more exotic and foreign.

In the end, nationality of the person you date doesn’t matter, as long as they can make you smile, right?

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