GAIJIN 5 (GO) - Tokyo Summer Activities
Written by Jeff

5 activities ideas for this Summer!

What fun activities could you during Summer in Tokyo? Here are some ideas for you!
On this new series 'Gaijin 5 (Go)', I'll be introducing 5 different things for a specific theme every time, from the point of view of a Gaijin living in Tokyo.

This time, we’re talking about things to do in Summer. Just to be clear, we’re ruling out Disney, Summer Festivals, fireworks, and the beach… since there have already been dozens of articles written about those mainstream options already.

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Rather than looking for a spot on a cramped beach or endlessly getting hit on by men who aren’t your type, strap on one of these babies and experience the closest thing you will to having a jetpack! Prices are normally about 5000 yen for an hour, with about 15 minutes of actual flyboarding. Doesn’t sound too appealing on paper, but it will be a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t regret trying. At the very least, you’ll get some kick-ass footage and photos to share!

(If you google “Flyboarding Tokyo” you’ll find quite a few options, mostly centered around Chiba and Kamakura.)

2.Trial sessions at ABC cooking studios

Although Summer is largely associated with the outdoors, we do also have some recommendations for those who don’t want to move or sweat it out in the blazing sun. ABC cooking studio offers one-off short trial lesson for first-time non-members, at a mere 500 yen cost. The dishes they teach at these trial courses are changed up every 1 or 2 months, and is a great way to spend an afternoon indoors with a friend or even a date. You get to learn to make a new dish, and also eat what you make at the studio. Past dishes have included stews, bread, desserts… you name it.

The downside however, is that these trial sessions are intended to try and get you to enroll into a longer membership, so only those that can speak Japanese and have a visa for an extended stay in Japan will be allowed to take part. Still, if you meet those conditions, why not give it a try? (they offer more expensive English one-off lessons too!)

3.Climb Mount Fuji

For most parts of the year, the upper half of Mount Fuji is closed off for safety purposes. With the snow and ice melted however, July-Sept is the one time of the year you can make the climb up the iconic cultural symbol of Japan.

The most common method for this 3776m climb, is to cheat and take a bus or car-ride halfway up the mountain, to the 5th Station. After a quick stop there, you begin the climb up towards the peak at the 10th station. Depending on how your group feels, you may want to make a reservation at one of the inns near the 8th station to “stay the night”, so that you could head out early in the morning and reach the peak just as the sun rises. I will mention however, that lodgings on mount fuji are far from comfortable, and may not be the most economic option.

Surprisingly, the local Japanese very rarely attempt the climb, so if you're persuasive enough, this could be a new experience for you to share.

4.Tokyo Summerland

Perhaps a tad too mainstream to be considered for this list, but given its location, there are still quite a few foreigners in Tokyo that don’t know about the Tokyo Summerland in Hachioji. Given the extreme heat experienced that Tokyoites have had to endure in recent Summers, places like these have increased in popularity. Of course, price and convenience-wise, the local pool/ gym is still the cheapest option if you just want a quick dip, but for those who want an all-round experience with food, drinks and exciting rides with a bunch of friends, this alternative to the beach may be worth your consideration.

Note: unfortunately for our inked readers, those with tattoos are not allowed into the premises


5.Shop till you drop! (or till your wallet flatlines)

This one’s not so much a recommendation than it is a reminder, but most stores in Japan take advantage of the holidays that students normally have in the Summer and Winter. Meaning that there are usually Summer Sales and Winter Sales that happen during this time. These are centered mostly around department stores and chain stores such as Uniqlo, and are normally held sometimes between July and August. As with any sale, most of the popular items tend to be sold out by the end, so follow your favorite stores on social media, and get ready to dash out at a moments notice!

(…Do you really need a photo for this one…?)

Most of these are more opinion-based rather than official picks, but who knows?
Maybe you’ll find something you like!


    enicee staff climbing Mt. Fuji!

    Our team climbed the Mont Fuji! Read abour our experience and tips for the big climb! . Hi everyone! Jeff from the enicee team here!
I recently had the chance to go climb Mount. Fuji (Mt. Fuji), and this time I decided to take lots of photos so I could show all our users what its like! 
Mt. Fuji is an extremely important symbol and national treasure to Japan, 
so anyone that likes Japanese culture will most likely come here at least once in their lifetime! As mentioned in my article about 5 things to do in Japan during the summer, many Japanese men and Japanese women haven’t had the chance to make this climb, so this would be a good activity for both foreigners and Japanese to experience!


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