5 dates activities for a rainy day in Tokyo!
Written by Méline

Don't let rain ruin your date anymore!

Rainy day? No problem!

You've planned this date a long time ago, everything should have been perfect for the two of you, but when you woke up this morning, it was pouring rain outside. No worries, I've got your back: here are 5 dates activities perfect for a rainy day!

1 - Sumida Aquarium

Opened at the same day as the Tokyo Sky Tree in 2012, Sumida Aquarium is noticeable by the quality and modernity of its interior design. The aquarium is themed around Tokyo Bay's sea life, with a great collection of small fishes, including an impressive colony of goldfish, which in Japanese folklore are supposed to bring good luck. The aquarium is located in north-east Tokyo, next to the Sky Tree.


2 - Tokyo Dome / Battling Center

Tokyo Dome is a giant structure entirely dedicated to entertainment, with activities such as bowling, cinema, arcades… If you and your date are sport-lovers, a fun and original date would be the battling center: put on a helmet, grab a baseball bat and try to hit all the balls coming at you! After the game, you can explore the Dome and enjoy all the other facilities and shops. The Tokyo Dome is located in north Tokyo.


3 - Mori museum

The Mori museum is a contemporary art museum located in Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, a huge building with countless facilities. The Mori Museum usually displays original and interactive exhibits, so event if art is not really your thing, you might still be entertained there (check out the exhibits before going). Furthermore, the museum ticket allows you to go to the indoor Tokyo City View observation desk, where you can admire one of Tokyo's best view. You will also have a glimpse of the view from inside the museum, some rooms are offering a beautiful view. After your visit, you can enjoy a meal or drinks at one of the restaurants of the building!


4 - Escape games

Escape games are a concept that start to be quite popular in Europe, but still make its debut in East-Asia. Basically, you and your team will be locked in a room, and you will have a limited time to escape from it, by searching and solving the mysteries of the room! Escape game can usually be played from two up until five participant, so they also are suitable for group dates. Solving an escape game requires good communication between the participants, and working together in order to escape the room: this activity might be a good lead to become close to your date!

Tokyo Mystery Circus provides english-friendly escape games of all kinds! The building is located in Shinjuku: https://mysterycircus.jp/en/

5 - VR Park Shibuya

VR, or Virtual Technology, is a technology that, thanks to a digital mask, propels you into virtual worlds. In the VR Park, you can enjoy many different types of VR games with your date, from a rollercoaster game to a horror mansion one! Since this technology is quite new, there is a chance your date hasn’t try it yet, and adrenaline might be very propitious to create a bound between people... Be aware though, that the place might be crowed during week-ends.


5 - Glow in the dark Bowling

Bowling is a fun and relaxing activity to do when it’s raining, but why not spicing it up with a glow in the dark bowling? EST Shibuya Bowling and Game Center is a 7 floors complex with 12 of its 37 bowling lines glowing in the dark, for an original and cool atmosphere. Once you’re done playing, you can also enjoy the karaoke rooms, darts and arcades of the building!


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