Finding love in Japanese night-clubs
Written by Méline

Meeting Japanese in clubs

What tactic would be yours?

Clubbing is a great place to meet Japanese people, everyone is a little tipsy, enjoying the same music and dancing… A relaxed and fun atmosphere is conducive for new encounters! Those advices apply for both gender.

Don’t be too extraverted

In western countries, being overly excited during parties is ok, and someone crazily approaching you with a strong but positive energy is not very likely to frighten you. However in Japan, a way of acting, even in clubs, is to control yourself and act with restriction, in order to avoid bothering people and being too intrusive in their personal space. Japanese society is build on the culture of respect, and to make sure your behavior won’t be disturbing or upsetting for anyone is part of it.

As a foreigner, Japanese people would understand that you act differently and that you’d be maybe a bit more straightforward and outgoing than they usually are, but still if your goal in clubs is to make friends, you might want to act and talk gently, and avoid reaching Japanese like a thunder, overly excited, because you might seem a bit crazy to them and even frighten them a bit. Take a deep breath, be calm, and once you’re friend with someone, then you can start to reveal your craziness, and they'll probably show you their's!

Eye contact

If someone catches your attention in a club, and you don’t know how to approach him/her, making several eyes contacts is a pretty good start. As we stated before, Japanese society in all about respect and not being intrusive, leading many Japanese people to be quite shy, so it ;ay be difficult for them to approach you in clubs, out of the blue. Having several eye contacts before actually talking to each other is a good way to make sure both of you are interested, and maybe make the first step easier and less stressful, as you would less fear rejection. This baby step might help you to reach and get reached by Japanese in clubs!

Get them drunk (with their consent)

In some way, Japanese carry two personalities: the official, social one, which is often very polite, altruist and shy, as Japanese society wants it to be; and the ‘real’ one, the private and more relaxed personality where rules and etiquette are forgotten. Best way to know someone is to get to see both of them, and a good way to get the social personality disappear, and bring out the craziest and honest one, is with alcohol. With moderation, of course, and without pushing too hard someone on drinking - alcohol should be fun, not a burden.

Keep it between the two of you

Don’t try to introduce them to your group of friends or whoever you’re partying with, because that could lead the Japanese person to be a bit uncomfortable as they tend to be a bit shy and would most likely avoid being the center of attention. Having a private conversation is the best way to get to know them and make them feel that they are in a safe zone, rather then putting them under the spotlights.

Don’t rush it

If you’re genuinely interested in a person, even if you met in a club, don’t try to get anything from the first night. Having sex after you barely met each other would just send a message saying that you’re only interested in hook-up, nothing more. Rather, you should consider asking for the person’s contact (Line is the most used messaging app in Japan) and schedule a date! This way your intentions would be more clear.

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