Interview: foreign man on dating Japanese women
Written by Méline

Impressions of French man Thibault on Japanese women

French views on Japanese women...

1 - Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Thibault, I am 23 years old and I have been living in Japan for a year and a half now.

2 - Have you ever been in a relationship with a Japanese woman?

Well, until recently I’ve been in a relationship with a French woman for more than a year, but she has been living in Japan for ten years, she speaks fluently Japanese, and mostly hangs-out with Japanese people, so in my opinion her mindset was more Japanese than French… I feel like I’ve been with a Japanese woman, to be honest! [laugh]

Lately, I also have been on several dates with Japanese women I’ve met on enicee and other dating apps. Some were romantic dates, others just language exchange dates.

3 - Do you think dating a Japanese woman is difficult?

Well, dating any women from a different culture is a bit challenging, because you might think very differently on some points… For Japanese women, I think what’s the hardest for me is that they usually don’t express a lot of feelings, so I can never really know if they are happy, sad, and also if they do like me. It’s not easy to go on in a relation when you have no idea if the other one really likes you.

4 - I guess there is still positive points?

Of course! I feel like Japanese women are taught and used to take care of men. I don’t know if this is a good thing, but I really appreciate it… Especially since I am not in my home country, having someone here that takes good care of me and always worried about me is very enjoyable. Of course, I want to do the same for her. But the level of dedication Japanese women have towards their boyfriend really amazed me. 

5 - Any fun anecdote you had with a Japanese woman?

I dated a girl once and she told me she was actually married after 3 hours of dating… I did no see it coming at all and I almost spit up my beer on her! It appeared that she just wanted to befriend foreigners, and practice her English…

6 - Let’s talk about sex: is it different from European women?

I guess it always depends on the person, but I kind of feel like Asian girls seems physically more sensitive, in the way that they express more, and lighter touches seem to have a greater effect then with Europeans. Also, I have to admit that Asian girls I’ve been with are a bit less pro-active then European during sex.

7 - Anything you want to add?

I feel like Japanese women often have marriage-expectation whenever they start a relationship, because of the culture here that drive people to get married as soon as possible. Sometime it is a bit frightening and a lot of pressure, I am still young and not ready for this kind of engagement.

I also really appreciate the kindness of Japanese women - at least the ones I’ve dated with. My Japanese is far from perfect but all of them have been very patient and kind with me, even if it might be boring at some point to listen to me ruining their language. [laugh]

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