French perception on dating
Written by Méline

"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir ?"

Country of romanticism, France has its own views on dating.

As much as dating is an international concept, each country, based on its culture, has its own rules about it.

France is worldwide known for being the romantic country, especially the city of Paris… But how is dating with a French in real life? Let's dive into the specificities of French dating!

1 - One-by-one rule

Unlike other places like the US, where dating several persons at the same time to test all your ‘options' is perfectly fine, French considers it very rude to date more than one people at the time. Rather than exploring all your possibilities with different people, French would explore deeply one possibility, with one person. Dating is like trying to see if this person is a good match for you, and having multiple date partners simultaneously would just mean that you're not serious with any, or that none of them is really interesting to you. So if you start dating a French person, avoid seeing other people at the same time or your French crush might be hurt and won't see you again.

2 - Be consistent in your words and actions (French pride)

French gives great importance on what one's said, and will likely remember small details. A very effective way to upset and even loose a French would be to confess feelings, and then act distant for days... Where some culture would have the other person try to understand what happened, and question themselves, French pride is more likely to upset your crush and made them simply forget about you, as they might think you've lied to them or are simply not trustworthy. Of course, pride depends on the person, but if you feel your acts differ from your words, you might want to consider giving an explanation to your French date!

3 - Gifts

Unlike East-Asian that sometimes sees gifts while dating necessary, French people on this matter are more reserved. In France, you don't really gift your date, as this is more exclusive for couples (and even couples don't gift that much: only Christmas and anniversaries are required). So offering something to someone you're ‘only’ dating would seem a bit too soon and too much, and might scare your French away. Gifts are not the best way to show your affection, and French might be real romantics in the sense that nothing will ever beat carrying your feelings with simple words. Very expensive gifts might even feel like you're thinking the other is greedy, so if you still want to get something for your French crush, price doesn't matter, but finding something very specific for this person on the other hand, does.

4 - Straight forward

One good thing about French honesty is that they will always let you know when they like something, one bad thing is that they will also let you know when they don't. It is very natural in French culture to express your feelings about what surrounds you, whether it's positive or negative. So don't be upset or panic if your date says they don't like the restaurant you're at, it doesn't mean they don't like you, or that they are having a bad time at all! Feel free to give your impressions back, and if you're the one that picked the place, remember that is very not likely to be a complain on you, but just an innocent french opinion.

5 - Slip the bill

Home country of Simone de Beauvoir, Simone Veil or Olympe de Gouges, France has an history with feminism. Maybe this is the reason why usually, French women don’t expect men to always pay, or to pay at all, during dates. Of course, everyone has its own opinion on the subject, but let say that in most of the time, if a French woman let a man pay for dinner, she will repay the favor soon or later. And as for French men, they might be upset and feel used if they always have to pay, without any offer to participate to the fees from their date.

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