How much do you need to earn to be popular with the ladies?
Written by Jeff

How annual income affects popularity...

Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly helps!

Annual income is often an important factor for people looking to get married. How can you blame them? They may not all be gold diggers, but money is still required to raise a family and kids in the future. Of course with male income, the more money you earn, the better (supposedly). So at which point do you start getting popular?

According to a study conducted by IBJ, there are trends associated between the popularity of a male and the annual income in which Japanese men earn.

1 - Popularity increase?

By looking at the annual income of individuals, versus the number of people that applied to get to know them via IBJ’s service, they noticed a sharp increase after someone starts earning 5 million yen annually (roughly 45,000 USD). After that it continues to steadily rise up until 7 million yen (roughly 62,000 USD) at which point the pace slows down and starts plateauing.

To put that into perspective, the average university fresh grad earns roughly 2.8 ~ 3 million yen annually in Tokyo (assuming 2 annual bonuses worth 2 months salary each).

A 5 million yen annual income is roughly that of someone who’s in their 4th~5th year of working after graduation, so they would most likely be a team leader, or even a junior manager of a mid-large sized company by that point.

2 - Successful marriage?

We now know how popular it can be to have money, but what are the chances of a happily ever after? Based on the same report, it appears that the success rate actually peaks for incomes between 6 and 7 million yen. What’s also interesting is that the success rates for 4 million yen is actually higher than that of 4-5 million yen.

One can hypothesize that perhaps whilst the men get increasingly popular with annual income, they find it harder to find a partner that can keep up with them after a certain level.

After all, this second data isn’t about popularity, but rather, mutual love, and so it stands to reasons that the difference may be caused by the men’s refusal to get married.

As for the rock bottom between 4-5 million yen, I would hypothesize (based on personal experience) that people either tend to get married extremely young before they are 24, or wait until they are almost 30. Most people from 24-28 seem to be focusing on their carreers, and may date, but won’t be thinking about marriage just yet. Based on the income figure, I would say that the 4-5 million crowd corresponds to that age group, and possibly explains the sudden decrease in successful marriages.

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