7 Japanese Instagram accounts to follow!
Written by Méline

Get inspire by Japan’s Instagram accounts!

Best of Japan, on your Insta feed!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media, with more than one billion users all over the world! Here is a short personal selection of my favorite Instagram accounts based in Japan.

1 - Studio Ghibli / @ghibli_official

The official account of most famous Japanese animation film studio shares fan-arts related to Ghibli movies. You can discover your favorite character re-interprated by another artists. Another great account related to Studio Ghibli is @ghibliworld, a fan-page that mostly shares images from the movies, and news about the studio.

2 - Shibuya Melt Down / @shibuyameltdown

Shibuya is one of the most iconic neighborhood of Tokyo, famous for its giant crossing, countless shops, and its night life. Every Friday and Saturday night, Shibuya turns into a giant party place, where groups of people get drunk, from bar to clubs and pubs to karaoke. Eventually, some of those them get too drunk and fall asleep in the streets, which is exactly the content of this Instagram account: drunk people that literally melt down in Shibuya! Most of the pictures are really funny to look at, but some are a bit gross, involving vomit and other not-very-classy things, so sensitive souls might want to avoid this account.

3 - Drop Tokyo / @droptokyo

Drop Tokyo is a fashion-related account that features street-styles of Tokyo people everyday. Every kind kind of fashion is portrayed, and the caption gives details about the models and the clothes they are wearing. Drop Tokyo is a great place to find inspiration for your own outfits, and discover new people you might want to follow on social medias! Another street-style account, more specific to Harajuku (fashion district of Tokyo), and portraying styles a bit more eccentric, is @tokyofashion.

4 - Naomi Watanabe / @watanabenaomi703

She is Japan’s most popular Instagramer, with 8,4 million followers to this day. Naomi Watanabe is a famous comedian, and became famous for her Beyonce’s air-interpretation. Today, she is a real fashion icon, and the fact that she doesn’t fit the standards of beauty and still is Japan’s most famous fashion icon makes her even more enjoyable, in my opinion. Her biggest concurrencer is Kiko Mizuhara, @i_am_kiko, another model/fashion icon with 5,1 million followers.

5 - Takashi Yasui / @_tuck4

Freelancer artist and photograph Takashi Yasui publish on this account his stunning photographs of Japan. Portraits, traditional Japanese places or modern architecture, you can find every kind of subjects on his pictures, as long as it’s related to Japan. Takashi Yasui’s art is the perfect Instagram for whoever has a Japan wanderlust! Another great account to admire Japan’s beauty is the photographer Hiroaki Fukuda one’s: @hirozzzz.

6 - Shinjiri Ono / @marutaro

Shiba inu is the most famous dog breed in Japan, so it makes sense that one of the most popular Japanese’s Instagram « belongs » to one of them! Marutaro is a cute shiba inu, very photogenic and energetic, and scrolling by him in your Instagram feed would only make your day better!

7 - Maya / @heavydrinker

How can we talk about Japan without mentioning food? On this account, you can make yourself hungry by looking at home-made traditional Japanese cuisine, and everything looks delicious… The account is run by a lovely family, and everything is made inside their kitchen. The account is in Japanese, but food is an universal language, isn’t it?

I hope those accounts will inspire you! Let us know on our Facebook page if you know other great Japanese Instagram!