My global lovers story Vol.6
Written by Admin

Another inspiring international love story!

This time it's from the foreigner's point of view!
A love story between an American woman and Japanese man!

gender: Female
age:Early 30s
nationality: American
blood type: I don’t know haha
hobby:Art/drawing @ Instagram

1,Which country is your partner from?


2,How did you guys meet?


3,How long have you been seeing?

1 year

4,Did you get married with this partner?


5,Was he your type?


6,Did you have chemistry?


7,What did you like about partner?

Positive personality, looks and his tattoos

8,Were you sexually compatible with your partner?


9,Did you argued ? How frequency?

Yes, but rarely

10,What's your best memories?

Meeting my boyfriend for our first date and visiting Japan together.

11,Please tell me how you two got into a relationship soon after the first meeting.

I left my hometown to be closer to him so we could start a relationship together.

12,What kind of dates did you have?

We went out on road trips to various destinations, we like to travel. Picnics at the park, cooking and watching movies together, and going to city events.

13,What do you think about dating with foreigners?

I like it, it’s fun way to learn about someone else’s culture.

14,Please talk about good memories.

Listening to music while we cook together and having him taste my cooking and seeing him smile every time he’s eaten my food. Watching his reaction when he sees me wearing a kimono for the first time and holding hands while we enjoyed the views of Kyoto. Staying up late and cuddling while sharing our dreams and goals for the future.

15,Please let me know if you have any troubles or disappointment in dating foreigners.

None so far.

16,If you date with the other person, what would you want for the next partner?/ I’d love to date with the person like this.

I want them to be confident in themselves with an adventurous spirit, and have sincerity.

17,Please give some advices for people who are thinking to date with foreigners.

Be confident and sincere. Both people should respect and enjoy each other’s culture. Also be patient, because you can’t expect things to happen overnight. It takes time.