Are you the seducer or the seduced?
Written by Méline

Japanese romance: kitchen vocabulary

Which seducer are you, according to Japanese?

The Japanese have a word for almost everything, and since they doesn’t usually like to be too straight-forward about things, their love-related vocabulary is often full of imagery and funny comparisons. 

Here are some vocabulary, inspired by food, to describe the different ways people behave towards romance. Found out which one of these food category seducer you are!

1 - Herbivore / Vegetarian: 草食系 ‘soushoku’

Quietly grazing in your meadow, you’re secretly crushing on the someone but too shy to go for it, so you’re waiting for him/ her to come and find you. In other words, as a real herbivore you’re quite passive when it comes to hunting for love, because you’re more comfortable with being hunted. You believe and hope that your natural charms will attract potential partners, and if it don’t, well too bad... you’ll be eating alone tonight.

2 - Carnivore: 肉食系 ‘nikushoku’

You’re the opposite of a herbivore, a real hunter that doesn’t wait for things to happen by themselves. Your philosophy: ‘if I want it, I go for it’! You don’t beat around the bush, and suddenly, you jump on your pray, leaving her/him no chance to escape your charm. As a true carnivore, you wouldn’t turn away a fight to get whoever catches your interest, and you believe in action rather than observation.

3 - Asparagus-bacon: アスパラベーコン ‘asupara beekon’

Behind your ‘relaxed’ appearance, hides a soft and shy heart. You give off the vibe of an experienced carnivore, convincing everyone you’re a hunter with that outside bacon; but remove the bacon and you’ll find the true you: a herbivore heart, hiding in plain sight, waiting passively for his/ her love to come. Your position is a bit tricky, as you seem like the kind of person that goes for it, people might not bother going for you, thinking you’d have already done it if you were interested.

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4 - Cabbage roll: ロールキャベツ ‘rooru kyabetsu’

Aren’t you sweet, pure and natural like cabbage? People like your humbleness and usually think you’re all cute and shy, definitely not the kind to be very active when it comes to looking for love… Well those people couldn’t be more wrong, because behind your cabbage/shy outlook lies great meat, making you a hidden carnivore person, maybe the most dangerous hunter: no one has seen you coming, but here you are, actively hunting down your prey!

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Japanese also have special animal names to describe women's different characters!

So, did you find yourself in those categories? If not, is there a new food-category you’re like to create to describe yourself? Let us know in our Facebook page!