4 tips on how not to get cheated on by your partner
Written by Jeff

Happy couple, no troubles!

If you can do something to prevent it, why not?

Some people may be worried about stories of people cheating on their partners. Although some of these stories are based on truths, sometimes the reason why these men go to cheat in the first place is because they feel burdened by their girlfriend/ boyfriend and they can have an escape with someone that doesn’t demand much of them. Of course, we don’t think it’s a valid excuse for cheating, but that’s beside the point.

Therefore, here are 4 things you can do to reduce the risk of getting cheated on!

Note: it should be obvious, but if you don’t cheat, it’ll greatly reduce the risk of your partner cheating. After all, what goes around comes around!

1 - Don’t be dependent on them

It’s not that placing your partner as one of the most important things in your life is a bad thing, but make sure that he’s not the ONLY thing there. ‘Bros before hoes’ is a crude term, but it has roughly the same gist in that your partner is an addition to your current life, not a replacement.

Make sure you not only have the time, but also the mindset to have time for yourself. Do things you like that your boyfriend/ girlfriend may not. Go for a meal with friends, or go do that hobby of yours. A partner is not a hobby, and they are not your life.

Similarly, the same applies with communication. Don’t ignore them, but make sure you let them know from time to time you’re going to be doing something so you wont reply for an hour or two. Constantly messaging can be even worse than badgering them in person as they cant get away from it even from their home. The key here is to message regularly, not often.

2 - Let them know it’s all-or-nothing

Define the boundaries of your relationship. Although this isn’t the easiest topic to slip into a conversation, the most common method is to bring it up as something that happened to a friend recently. That will make it easy for you to slip in comments like “If a couple cheats, they can never get back together again” or something similar. Statements like this will let them know that if they cheat, there will be no going back.

Also important during this action, is to make sure he understands what you feel is the definition of cheating. Where does cheating begin? When you have dinner alone together? When you hold hands? When you kiss? “It’s not cheating if I only do this much” is often how men get into cheating, which eventually escalates into full on ‘penetration’, so make sure you let them know what you consider to be cheating, in this conversation.

3 - Become the refuge, not the burden

Life is hard. Dating and relationships are supposed to help with it, not pile up on top.

It may be tempting to always want to do something exciting and new with your partner, but pay close attention to their condition. If they seem tired, make sure you let them rest and relax in your company instead. Sometimes a chill day at home with takeout or homemade cooking and a movie is much better for your relationship. A long-lasting partner isn’t the one that feels like they have the most fun with you, it’s the one that feels the most relaxed with you, and even ok with being vulnerable around you. If you want to take it one step further, lay down their head on your lap and softly pat their head. A lot of people lacked this type of gentle affection growing up, and can pull you two even closer together, mentally.

4 - Be on the same page

Finally, the most important thing to do is to try and be on the same page as your partner. More often than not, cheating happens because two people are looking for something different in a relationship. If someone thinks a relationship is about physical intimacy, it may not work out if the partner is in it for marriage and etc.

There’s no easy way around it but good old communication. What you must remember however, is that if your partner isn’t ready to get too serious, even asking them about these questions can be considered a source of stress, so tread carefully.

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