Top 10 weird Japanese services
Written by Jeff

Need something weird? Japan probably has it for you!

People in Japan have many needs... apparently.

Hi again everyone!

We’ve all heard about Japan having maid cafe’s and snake cafe’s, but the weirder stuff is yet to come! Today we are here to introduce our top 10 picks for the weirdest services available in Japan! As with our other series talking about weird food and weird pick up lines, these are not necessarily mainstream and may be seen as weird even within Japan! Keep an open mind and see if you’d like to use any of these services!

10 - Popular man production

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Hitch’ starring Will Smith? This is like a real life version of that, except you don’t know the girl you want to date. Basically, you will have a professional, coach you on how to dress and act, and eventually become a man that’s popular with the ladies. Personally, I’m not sure if being popular is something that can be taught, but if it can… sign me up i guess.

9 - Homework do-er

Every child has this as their dream. “Won’t someone do my homework for me?”. This is now possible, with other people offering to do your homework for you in exchange for money. The service is surprisingly detailed, with different prices for different types of homework such as english translations and book reports. 

What goes beyond expectations however, is the fact that this service isn’t only aimed at children. Their services range from elementary school children homework, to doing reports and papers for University students and people in the workforce. I would say a good parent would never allow their child to use this service, but sometimes emergencies are emergencies, and your child may not be able to complete the work in time, but you don’t want this to affect their grade. (Supposedly)

8 - Professional grinder (video games)

Video games can be hard work, especially with RPG’s. Even if your skill with the game is amazing, you still need to level up to get the stats that you need to fight evenly, or to advance to other sections of the game. On the other hand, most people in Japan have busy lives, working their jobs and whatnot.

So instead of sacrificing your time, you can buy someone else’s, by having someone else grind experience points on your account for you! These services whilst existing, are hard to come by, as most people will only do this for the most popular games, and negotiations are conducted between individuals, rather than to a business. There is also the risk that the person will just take your account, and run.

I don’t see what’s so fun about having someone else play the game for you, but apparently there is a market for that….

7 - Pretend you have a social life

Ever feel left out? Looking at your friends social media and think your life seems boring and lonely? No problem! From the same company that brought you the apology service, comes the ‘riajuu appeal service’. Basically, this service will bring you actors that you can take photos with and put on social media to pretend to be your friends, and that you have a life!

...I wonder if they have any long term discounts...

6 - Keeping your spot

In Japan, admiring the flowers in Spring with a picnic can be very enjoyable, but given their immense popularity, it is almost impossible to get a (good) spot without camping there days in advance. Enter this service, which will help you get a good spot in the park, and all you have to do is come directly when you want to have your picnic. Bonus features even include garbage disposal and catering, meaning you don’t even have to prepare the food, or worry about anything after. Just come, enjoy, and go.

5 - Alibi companies ;

There are 2 types of alibi services in Japan.

Type 1: For those that want to work temporarily as a hostess or other risqué occupations, you may not want that on your resumé, as it may squander your future prospects at a career. Here, the alibi service will contractually put you under the occupation of a different company, to which you can write onto your resumé as a reference.

Type 2: If you did something you didn’t want a spouse or someone else to find out about (accidently, of course), then you may want to hide it from them to prevent it from coming out. This doesn’t always work out, as someone may have spotted you with another person, and any excuses you make won’t sound convincing enough. Here, the service can do all sorts of things for you, hiring an actor to pretend to be a bad friend that forced you to go out for drinks, or a women apologizing for making moves and forcing someone to cheat etc.

Remember, good people never have to rely on this service...

4 - Ear Cleaning services (Lap pillow)

Of course you can get it your ear cleaned at a clinic of some sort… but why not add some fun to the mix? Many places in Japan offer ear cleaning services. So how is this different? Many stores would have their workers dressed in either a maid costume, or a yukata. Furthermore, all this ear cleaning is conducted with your head on her lap. How much better can it get? Maybe it’s time I got my ears cleaned… (again).

image source: scriblets

3 - Apology service

Japan is the country of apologies, almost on par with Canada (I think). Despite that however, a ‘Sumimasen’ from you may not suffice. Worry not (?), for now you can hire someone to do a professional apology for you.

It’s hard to imagine how this would work, as most apologies seem insincere if not done by the person themselves. Based on the website, it seems that this service is not intended to do the apology for you, but rather to have actors come and pretend to be parties related, to do the apology with you. E.g. your parents apologizing with you to your boss at your part time job, etc.

My apologies for using an apology service.

2 - Professional Job Quitter

The idea of staying at a single company for your entire life, is one that’s dying in modern times. Employee turnover rates are increasing, and in a country where the labor force is already insufficient, companies may be reluctant to let employees quit easily.

Most people would have no problem with this, but a minor portion of the population may find the pressure of having to quit, very daunting. As a result, this company will help you with the quitting process, and contact the company on your behalf regarding your intent to leave. Although you will still need to process the documents and the procedures, they can take care of the most important task of convincing the company that you want to leave and that they should let you.

1 - Nose hair notifier

Have you ever talked to someone, and noticed something black hanging outside of their nose? Obviously it’s extremely distracting, and it’s unlikely they will notice it on their own. For both their own benefit and for the sake of everyone around this person, you know they should get rid of it, but how? You don’t want to hurt their feelings, and you don’t want them to feel embarrassed around you afterwards…

Simply fill in their email address into this form and voila! They will send an automatically generated message for you, without giving away your identity! They even go the extra mile in allowing you to specify which nostril and exactly how many hairs they need to pluck out. You can even choose how strongly the message should be conveyed with options like “I mean, you don’t have to…” or “Very firmly”.

Obviously there’s a need for it, since they claim to have dealt with over 500,000 nose hairs… Although i’m unsure how many of those were meant as prank messages.

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