5 weird Japanese pickup lines
Written by Jeff

Men never lack of imagination!

Japanese men aren’t exactly well-known for being smooth.

Case and point, some of their pickup lines tend to…. be downright weird. Here are a few examples, so that you can lower your expectations beforehand!

*Note* As with most pickup lines, these usually originate from fiction, and have been engrained into the social consciousness, but no one knows if anyone actually uses them.

1. すみません、この辺でペンギンを見ませんでしたか?

“Hey, have you seen a penguin around here?”

(source: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Dreamworks animation, 2008)

This one is so weird and unexpected, and fulfills its purpose by making the woman laugh at it’s ridiculousness. Initially, it may only have gotten a confused look, but now it seems to have gained a lot of fame on the Internet, and may just be stupid enough to work on those in the know.


“You see that handsome guy over there? He’s my friend”

I guess the objective of this one is to lure you in using his more attractive friend (if he even is friends with that person), and then try to win you over through a conversation.

Though it seems stupid, according to the Internet, quite a few people have tried this line.


(At the beach) “The currents here are quite rough, so be careful not to get swept away! Oh, by the way, how would you like to get swept into a romance with me?”

A seasonal pickup line, the guy masks his intentions with the first half by pretending to be good guy that’s genuinely concerned, and then lays down his harsh reality. A for effort at least.


“How about you settle for me?”

Not quite sure what the appeal is, but it appears to be the guy by looking down on himself and trying to gain sympathy points. One problem, is that this line also implies that the girl isn’t good enough to find a better guy. Ah well…. I Guess that’s why you’re single.


“The moon is really beautiful tonight, but I think you’re even more beautiful.”

This is one of the older entries, and it’s perhaps one of the most famous. A straightforward compliment, and is quite possibly the most likely to succeed out of the list… if used properly.

...I may or may not have used this line before. 

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