I met cute guy, but he has to go back to his country after!

I will definitely come again and try to find another cute guy!

Sayaka, 23 - Japanese<

Sayaka, 23 - Japanese

The events was very fun! I practiced a lots of English and meet many people!

I want a BBQ event next time!

Shinji, 25 - Japanese<

Shinji, 25 - Japanese

The event was great!
The quiz was fun, and I learned a lot about Japan and other countries!
It's a solid 10/10 for me!

Carol, 24 - U.S.A<

Carol, 24 - U.S.A

I came to practice my English, and I also had a lot of fun drinking! Foreigners are very strong with drinks, so I need to practice more!

Kana, 21 - Japanese<

Kana, 21 - Japanese

The venue was very cozy, and was a nice change from the usual bar parties.
Everyone was very friendly, and I had a great time!

Beth, 26 - U.K<

Beth, 26 - U.K

enicee events are the bomb!
It's really hard to find a great party that also has food & drinks for 2000 yen!
Sign me up for the next one!

Jenny, 23 - U.S.A<

Jenny, 23 - U.S.A

It is tiring to work with only Japanese people, so I came to meet other foreigner. Everyone was very nice, and we had many drinks!

Zhang, 25 - China<

Zhang, 25 - China

I learned a lot from the sake event! They even had a brewery worker introduce them,
 and it was great for people like me who knew nothing about sake!

Lily, 27 - France<

Lily, 27 - France

A friend invited me to come to the event, and I am happy that I went! 
I went there just to have fun, but I met a nice person! We will go on a date soon!

Kimiko, 25 - Japan<

Kimiko, 25 - Japan

I went to the beer event and I met a lots of foreigners, but I also made lots of Japanese friends! 
Next, I will try hard and look for a girlfriend!

Akira, 28 - Japanese<

Akira, 28 - Japanese


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