Fun chat&Talk your life in Tokyo with Beer and expat!#2@Akihabara
THU, JAN 24 / 19:00~22:00
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⚠️We will accept the event join request by order of arrival and the proportion of males to females⚠️

Let's talk about your life in Tokyo! We are dying to hear your story!

Why we've planned this party is we realized even though there are plenty of foreigners and expats in Tokyo, It's hard to get a chance to meet them and sharing information about your life hack in Tokyo or just have fun with beer in Tokyo. We have tried many events but there had always been a big crowd, which is hard to keep conversations so we decided to build the event where you can talk to each other enough with beer :)
In a cool bar near Akihabara Station, we will gather to have a fun and exciting time while speaking a different language with the guests. We will have some topic-cards ready so you can practice English or Japanese about specific subjects together!

But if you want a large number of people or a big crowd, our party might not be good for you because we have planned this meetup to make a friend through talking enough each other!

Genesis is a small and warm place, 5 minutes away from Ueno Station by walk, located on the 4 floors of the building. It is an international bar with a good atmosphere, where everyone can relax and enjoy a drink!

This event is for everyone if you are a traveler, a Japanese local, an expat, you are welcome to make new friends and have a drink with us!

✦About Attendees✦
A lot of expats have been attended. Mainly, Europeans and few of American, Korean and local Japanese.

Our event is organized by expats but everyone can join. If you are a traveler, a Japanese local, you are welcome to make new friends and have a drink with us!

✦How to attend?✦
Simple, just touch join button on here. and get in the bar until 19:00. And find 'This Guy'. You will see who is This Guy immediately😆
If you are running late you can always join us later directly inside the bar! We will have a “ThisGuy” sign so you can recognize us easily.

Do NOT accept the persuasion of religion or any network business!


Location:HUB Akihabara
3 Kanda Neribeichō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 101-0022

January 24th, Friday
Start 19:00, end 22:00

Meet Up:
Just get in the bar until 19:00, and find a sign ‘ThisGuy’ :)

Thu, 24 Jan 2019/ 19:00~22:00
HUB Akihabara
3 Kanda Neribeichō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to


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