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  • Eri, 22 - Japan<

    I started to use this app because I wanted to practice my English. Luckily, I managed to meet a cute guy, and we have very fun chats! Because of the time difference, we can't always talk, but soon he will come to Japan!

    Eri, 22 - Japan

  • Camille, 20 - France<

    I will go to an exchange to a university in Japan
 in September, but I didn’t know anyone there.
 In the end, I managed to find friends through 
enicee, and I plan to meet with them when I get 
to Japan!

    Camille, 20 - France

  • Yumi, 25 - Japan<

    Foreigners that hit on you in bars and clubs in Japan are usually playboys!
    But on the app, you can talk with people that have similar interests to you and get to know them first before meeting!

    Yumi, 25 - Japan

  • Hélaine, 25 - France<

    Even though I’m still looking for a partner here in Japan, enicee let me meet a lot of Japanese friends and other Gaijins like me!

    I hope I can meet a nice guy in Japan soon!

    Hélaine, 25 - France

  • Felix, 27 - Germany<

    I recently arrived to Japan, so I was looking for local friends. By coincidence, I ended up at an enicee event, and it was nice getting to know people that were all interested in being friends with foreigners! I really look forward to the next event!

    Felix, 27 - Germany

  • Yuriko, 25 - Japan<

    I went for a working holiday in Australia before, and I was very sad when I came back to Japan because I didn’t have any chances to speak english anymore. But when i joined an enicee event, it felt like I was back in my working holiday, and it was really fun!

    Yuriko, 25 - Japan

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